HUD-Son Skidding Winch Logging Skidder, Cable Winches, Farm PTO Skid Logs Video


We have winches available for all tractors from 16hp and up. The winches attach to your standard 3-point hitch and are powered by the PTO. These winches carry 230 foot or more of cable. No matter where the timber may be you can reach it with these winches. Basic models are a manual operation by the pull of two cables. One cable engages the winch while the other cable engages the brake. Uniforest winches also are available in hydro electric models. These models offer a cable remote control with button operation to pull or release the winch. Another great option to have only for the hydro models is a wireless remote. The operator can extend the cable down to the timber that needs to be winched. Next hook up the timber and instead of walking all the way back to the tractor simply press a button on the wireless control to engage the winch. The wireless option almost doubles you production time by eliminating walking time back and forth. Plus safety is enhanced by allowing the operator to follow the timber being winched making sure it does not snag. Another safety feature standard on all models is a full protective screen. Please see the following specifications table to find the right Uniforest winch for you. Also notice the surprisingly affordable pricing. Turn your tractor into a powerful skidder today.

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