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A Better Fly Trap - #UFBugs - Video

House flies are one of the most important carriers of disease. One of these things can actually kill and actually do kill a lot of people. Whenever you have any disturbance whether its a natural disturbance by say hurricane or any natural disaster or something like wars and conflict you always have the material where flies will breed and grow and thats where this becomes a very important research project.

What we ended up with was a device that is blue in color and had black stripes on it so the flies are attracted to it. And what we found was that yellow is the only replant color. So we knew that there was a fundamental mistake in most of the fly traps and that they should be blue in color rather than yellow.

So we developed a device to be able to kill flies and it actually kills very large numbers of flies and is based on color attraction of flies to the color blue.

It's been a process of learning where we started out with a very simple idea that was old and updated it with the concept of fly vision and fly attraction to odors and fly attraction to patterns.

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