Aerox B.V.

Aerox - Industrial Odour Reduction Video

Aerox B.V. is the world's leading odour control specialist. With our Aerox-Injector we destroy the odours that are produced in industrial processes. We help factories to minimize their emissions in order to comply with legislation, laws, but most important: To keep their neighbours happy.

We have successfully developed a unique injection technology based on NTP (Non-thermal Plasma). This enables us to treat airflows up to 90.000 m3/h with only one compact Aerox-Injector and achieving odour reductions above 90%. Our technology is the most environmental friendly technology available on the market. We are only using electricity without any water, chemicals or waste(water) whatsoever.

The Aerox-Technology is considered as B.A.T. (Best Available Technique) by governments, authorities and companies alike. Therefore Aerox is approved supplier at several world market leaders within industries such as animal feed, pet food, oil seed processing and tobacco.