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AFT 100 working in the toughest of conditions Video

Watch examples of AFT 100 working in a selection of really tough conditions.
Efficient drainage is one of the most cost effective ways of improving crop yields and to keep your land accessible for machines.
The AFT 100 enables you to dig perfectly graded trenches up to ten times faster than a backhoe or excavator and at a fraction of the cost of larger self-propelled machines.
Trench widths are easily adaptable from 125mm to 400mm with digging booms for depths of up to 1.6m (63')
Cuts the narrowest trench needed and thus reduces the costs of reinstatement and backfill materials
Twin soil augers place the soil close to both sides of the trench for easy backfilling
Hydraulic depth control: manual or by laser for fully automatic grading
A range of pipe chutes, reel carriers and backfilling equipment is available
Mounted on a standard tractor, it only costs a fraction of the price of comparable self-propelled trenchers. Shown here is the four wheeled drive Unimog with offset mounting to enable trenching at the curtsied.

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