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Agritech srl, a joint limited enterprise certified with the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standard, has been manufacturing assorted equipment for intensive animal breeding since 1986. Particularly, Agritech specialized as a producer of fibreglass feed and grain silos.
During this time we have remarkably expanded our market shares: Agritech nowadays produces about 5000 silos on yearly base, 85% of which are regularly exported in Europe and to several extra-European countries.
Our feed bins are completely rust-proof and, although very light, they present high resistance to tensile stress (fibreglass laminates neither contract nor expand) and a long life (at least 25 years without needing any particular maintenance). Their fibreglass, non-conductive structure provides natural insulation both from heat and from cold. Finally, the white gel-coat they are painted in constitutes a safe protection against UV-radiations.
Basing on above features, we can state that fibreglass silos are the ideal solution for feed storage in humid and salt-saturated atmospheric conditions, such as on islands, peninsulas and in coastal areas, and wherever temperature fluctuations between day and night, summer and winter are particularly relevant. They definitely proved to be a valid alternative to galvanized silos in all the Mediterranean Region, as well as in Latin America and in some parts of the Asian Far East. But they were also successfully installed in extremely low-temperature areas like Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Canada.

Agritech also produces a wide range of systems for feed extraction and handling, such as tubular screw conveyors, vertical filling stations, portable augers, feed truck tanks, flexible auger conveyors. This way, we can grant a profitable combination of storage and bulk material handling.
Valuable calf shelters, modular stables, outdoor breeding solutions for piglets in fibreglass, feed mills and truck tanks complete our sales program.

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