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AGRONIC MultiBaler 85-90 (OFFICIAL NEW VIDEO).-Video

The AGRONIC MultiBaler 85-90 is a small balerwrapper combination with high capacity for making round bales. This is the ideal way of compacting different sort of materials like maize, sugar beetpulp, chopped grass and straw and other organic fibre products.

The round bales have a fixed width of 85 cm. and the diameter can vary from 85 till 90 cm. This size of bale is very suitable for horse owners or small farmers.
The baleweight f.i. in maize will vary from 350 till 500 kg. depending on the dry matter.
Bales of maize or any other product are an easy commodity to handle and transport.
No investments in expensive silos. Easier feeding in the summer periods.

The combination AGRONIC will do between 40-50 bales per hour. It requires low horsepower, so it can be operated by a tractor low as 70 hp.

The AGRONIC can be totally operated through a Canbus monitor and controls the whole baling and wrapping sequence. To operate does not need much instruction as the menu is easly followed. The machine is ready for operation and can be used by one person.
Up to 50 individual customers, amount of bales and work hours can be stored in the monitor.

Return system is intergrated in the machine and is bringing the losses during baling back into the loading bunker. Unique is the wrapping system, which is combined with the return system. (patented)

All this makes the machine highly professional for baling above mentioned materials.
It can also be used as a trailed machine in the field in combination with a tractor and harvester.

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