Agrospray`s Dramatically Different Liquid Fertilizer Video

Phil and Jane Esseltine are owners of a second generation family run Tillsonburg business founded in 1959. Welcome to Agrospray.

This program goes behind the scenes as they strive through innovation to be a leader in their industry in responsible nutrient management. Phil is planning to grow his business based on a new formula for high performing liquid fertilizer. It brings a dramatic change in farming practice.

Only thirty percent of most liquid fertilizers is used by the plant but this product has 80 percent usability resulting in dramatic reductions in run-off and leaching. “These products are more efficient, so you need less to do the same job” says Phil.

His new 1 million litres of storage will double his capacity to serve the market. For Phil, “demand is strong for the product but so is timely delivery to growers because the planting window is very short and we have to be there on time.”

This product is the result of just-in-time innovation that supports environmentally responsible solutions.


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