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ALZON neo-N – How dreams become true Video

ALZON® neo-N makes dreams becoming true. Experience how to use an intelligent fertiliser from SKW Piesteritz to increase yields and protect the environment. ALZON® neo-N supplies enhanced security although extreme weather events.
The optimal fertilisation begins with a soil analysis. Julia regularly analysis the nitrogen content on her arable land. This year, increased nitrate levels were detected. Therefore ALZON® neo-N is recommended to Julia by her water protection adviser. ALZON® neo-N is a stabilized nitrogen fertilizer with a urease and a nitrification inhibitor. The urease inhibitor reduces ammonia losses almost completely directly after the application. The conversion of ammonium to nitrate is delayed so that the plant primarily takes up ammonium. Nitrate losses are thereby reduced. As a result, less nitrous oxide is produced.
Julia gives the new fertilizer a try and immediately realises, it has perfect spreading characteristics, quite clear quality from SKW Piesteritz. On the way to the field, she meets the farmer Günter. Current trends are of little interest to Günter, so he prefers a conventional fertiliser. Julia can skip the second fertilizer application rate. Günter wonders why Julia lies on the beach. But he does not think of what can go wrong with three fertiliser application rates. Julia only needs two fertilization rates.
In the harvest Julia can clearly score points - with the two application rate strategie, she achieves a higher yield than Günter with three fertilizer applications. Now she has the opportunity to meet a long-awaited dream.

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