AMB Rousset

AMB Rousset - Secoueur a Cable Pour Arbres Fruitiers Video

So far we sold around 10 units from these machines.This machine can harvest pecan, almond, apricot, apple, walnut, cherry and plum tree.We are producing these machines in Turkey and sending them all over the world.
Kadıoğlu Makine/Turkey:
Export manager mr. Ali Emre:

The walnut tree shaker Vibrope is a 3-point rope shaker. It is either connected to the tractor at the front or at the rear and driven by the PTO. The 54-pound unit is normally equipped with a ten meter long steel cable that is hooked into the main branches of the crown. Then the rope is strained and the walnut shaking process can begin.

Walnut tree shaking is more than 70% faster

Applications: Apples, pears, nuts, plums, cherries, walnuts, pecan and other drop fruits.
Weight: 55 kg

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