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Antelco eZyvalve®4 BSP Plumbing Instructions for Irrigation Solenoid Valve Box Video

This is a product guide for the Antelco eZyvalve 4 solenoid box, guiding you through the process of plumbing the solenoid valve box to a water supply.

For more product information, see http://www.easygardenirrigation.co.uk/products/ezyvalve-4-solenoid-valve-box-24v

The eZyvalve 4 is a pre-assembled solenoid valve box for controlling water in your irrigation system. It can be connected to an existing garden tap and left above ground for easy installation and access, or it can be installed underground by hooking directly into an existing irrigation mainline using an isolation valve. This is how your eZyvalve 4 arrives. Inside the carton you will find a set of instructions. If you require another set, they can be downloaded from our website. This is your eZyvalve 4, here you have the inlet for your water connection, and two outlets on each side for your irrigation hoses. When planning your irrigation system, refer to your local planning regulations to ensure your installation meets requirements. eZyvalve 4 is designed to work with typical mains pressure water supplies. If your water supply contains contaminants, you will need to install a filter upstream of your eZyvalve 4. Contact your irrigation supplier for further advice. The simplest method of connecting to your water supply is to use a high pressure braided hose such as this Antelco product. Simply screw one end of the hose onto the inlet thread of your eZyvalve 4, and screw the other end onto an existing tap in your garden. It's also good practice to install a backflow preventer on your tap before attaching the braided hose. The tap acts as an isolation valve so if you need service your eZyvalve 4 or if you want to move it to another location; you can just turn off the tap. You can now connect your downstream outlets. There are many options depending on your system design. You may want to connect an inline drip system, or drippers on poly lines. You may be installing a micro-spray system, or a row of micro-sprinklers. Maybe you would like some soaker hose running through the undergrowth. Whatever system design you choose, make sure you use the matching threaded fittings for the outlet connections. To connect your irrigation lines, use nuts and tails and poly pipe. Nuts and tails have a rotating nut with a sealing washer inside. Attach poly pipe by pushing the barb on the nut and tail into the pipe and then retain them with clamps. Once you have attached your outlet tubing to the nut and tail, simply screw the nut onto the thread on your eZyvalve 4 until its tight. If you're not using all of your outlets immediately, you can use an Antelco blank nut to cover up and protect the outlets until you need them. If you are installing your eZyvalve 4 aboveground or in mulch, you can also consider using pressure regulators on the outlets to get the best performance out of your system. Connect your other outlet lines as per your irrigation system design, and then continue them on to the desired areas of your garden. Once your system is installed, flush all lines before sealing the ends, then be sure to turn on the water supply and check for leaks throughout before covering with mulch or burying anything underground. Then you can install your emitters along each line where you need them. If you would prefer to install your eZyvalve 4 directly into an existing water supply line, first check your local plumbing regulations as you may need the services of a plumber to tap into a mains water supply system. An important consideration for a mainline installation is the use of an isolation valve to allow you to shut-off the water supply to your irrigation system without having to cut off water to the rest of a property. One solution might be to use a ball valve such as this, which can be attached directly to the inlet of your eZyvalve 4. You'll need to use thread tape to ensure a water tight seal, then take your isolation valve and screw it onto the thread until it's tight. Ensure you finish with the handle of the valve in an upright position so you can access it in the garden later. Connect the other end of your valve to your mainline. We're doing this on the bench for clarity, but it's probable you will be doing it on site in the ground. Be sure to keep all joints clean, and flush the system after completion. This completes the plumbing instructions for your eZyvalve 4. Information on wiring your eZyvalve 4 and further information on additional irrigation components and practices can be found on the Antelco website at www.anteclo.com.

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