APH Group Field equipment: Dewulf ZKIIS carrot harvester - Video

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APH Group Field equipment: Dewulf ZKIIS

Dewulf's 2-row self-propelled top-lifting carrot harvester has been designed to make your carrot harvesting job as productive and enjoyable as possible. Harvesting without frustration, supported by a durable and qualitative product.

• Durable construction
• Easy and accessible maintenance
• Guaranteed carrot quality
• Higher speeds, larger throughput
• Easy to handle
• Comfortable control

Stability is key
The ZKIIS/ZKIISE's top lifting mechanism and its overall construction guarantee optimum stability:

• Moving the shears into the ground does not affect the picking element, because both work independently.
• Top lifting is more accurate, because the picking element is exactly positioned at the centre of the front steering wheel and steering movements are directly transmitted to the picking element.
• The ZKIIS/ZKIISE carrot harvester is equipped with large wheels, making the harvester very stable. It also means high ground clearance and low ground pressure, which keeps the harvester running smoothly even in tough conditions.
• The thoughtfully engineered weight distribution makes the ZKIIS/ZKIISE an easy and versatile machine to handle.

Belt reversal: Rotary dividers can be reversed in order to ensure efficient haulm intake.
Depth control: The picking element comes with individual depth control on both rows as a standard.
Height setting: The automatic height setting is controlled from the cabin, allowing the operator to instantly adapt to varying conditions.

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