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Aqua-Sac SOS Bags Video

This is a video on innovative flood defence. No need for time consuming traditional sandbags, this shows aqua-sacĀ®, our self inflating sand bag that needs no sand. It is easy to store, easy to use. It inflates with water and is a patented product that is widely used by local authorities, fire brigades, utilities companies and emergency responders worldwide. The aqua-sac is lighter than the conventional sand bag and where sufficient quantities are deployed i.e. 1000 bags it is 80% cheaper than the traditional method of sandbagging. Aqua-sac is not only used worldwide for its obvious flood protection properties , it is also used in innovative ways, to divert water, soaking up water from fresh water temporary ice rinks. Its even used in the garden as a hydroponic in soil for plants as so called greening. aqua-sac is available to the general public in packs of 5,10,25 and 50.

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