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Aquarium Fish Egg Tumblers Hatchery Incubators | Cichlid Egg Incubator- Video

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Fish Egg Incubator Tumbler prevents eggs or fish fry be attacked from other adult fish, increases hatching rate and survival rate. Allow fresh water to circulate over fish eggs that have been separated from their mother.

Fish Egg Incubator Features:
- Connect Oxygen Pump: Equipped with oxygen regulating valve, if the oxygen pump without regulation function, you can use the oxygen regulating valve to regulate the gas inside the tube.
- When used, the oxygen pump is connected with the fish egg incubator, and a check valve is required to prevent the water from flowing into the oxygen pump.
- Easy Observe Fish Eggs: The main hatching tube using acrylic transparent material, good light transmission, easy to observe the hatching process of fish eggs.
- The bottom of the main hatch tube contains sieve and biochemical cotton, effectively prevent impurities from flowing into the tube, so that the water flow through the comfort, thereby increasing the hatching rate.

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