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Asta Stake Dripper Guide - Drip Irrigation Video

View the short guide for the Antelco Asta Stake Dripper for Drip Irrigation Systems, includes information on key features and how to install correctly.

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Asta stake drippers are pressure compensating spike drip emitters available in colour coded 2, 4 and 8 litre per hour flow rates. The spike ensures precise positioning for accurately targeting the root zone of plants. Applications include pots and hanging baskets, greenhouse grows bags, nurseries and landscapes. Asta drips have a flushing feature that give a short pulse of water on shut down to clear any debris and minimise risks of blockage. The dripper has a turbulent labyrinth which is covered by a silicone diaphragm that flexes to compensate for varying inlet pressures. The base component is sonically welded to the spike to seal and set the flow rate. The Asta Stake Drippers maintain a preset output ensuring each plant gets the same amount of water. These drippers installed on sloping sites, or in hanging pots will output the same volume of water at different elevations.

To install Asta Stake Drippers, take an Antelco 4mm joiner and push it into the end of a length of 4mm micro tubing. Push the other end of the tube onto the 4mm barbed inlet on the Asta Stake Dripper. Next, punch a hole into your irrigation supply pipe (usually 13mm) using an Antelco key punch, then push the 4mm joiner into the hole you've just created. Finally, position the Asta Stake Dripper into the desired location, ideally away from the stem and targeting the root zone.

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