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Astec`s SixPack Asphalt Plant (3D Animation) Video

The Astec, Inc. SixPack Asphalt plant is a complete set of highly portable loads designed for fast and crane-less setup. Designed around the highly acclaimed Astec Double Barrel drum dryer/mixer (DB) and the Astec Self-Erecting Bin (SEB), the plant can produce up to 400 tons of warm mix asphalt per hour (363 metric TPH) with up to 50% reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP).

The typical package includes the DB, SEB, cold feed bins, RAP feed bins, incline conveyors, additive silo, power/motor control house, and optional AC storage tank.

The typical plant can be setup and ready for mix in less than 3 days.


Artist: Created entirely by Dean A. Scott, mfa, Senior 3D Animator/Graphic Design Illustrator, Astec, Inc. Advertising.

3D Details: Animated and rendered using Lightwave 3D 2015 (Layout app). Major models imported as STL from SolidWorks, cleaned up, optimized, materials assigned, and prep'ed for animation using Lightwave 3D 2015 (Modeler app). Other models created from 2D CAD drawings. All scenes have 250 objects containing 2.5 million polygons and lit using full Monte Carlo 2-bounce global illumination (non-interpolated).

Project Time: 3 months (1 month for rendering 9,400 frames @ 30 mins/frm on nine, quad-core i7 4700-based workstations using Butterfly Net Render network rendering controller).

Location environment is a 1/9th arc sec resolution Digital Elevation Model from the USGS of the Vulcan Materials quarry in Chattanooga, TN.

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