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Bailey Sugar Beet Trailers Video

The unique feature of the Beeteaper is that they tip to approximately 60° angle. The hydraulic rear door has longer side arms and longer hydraulic rams to allow the rear door to open higher. This enables the beet to be heaped to approximately 9 feet high. The advantage of the Beeteaper trailer over the standard farm dumper trailer is that it is multi purpose. It can be used for gain and other cops and can be easily tipped inside buildings.

Beeteaper models are mounted on 8 or 10mm RHS chassis fitted with heavy duty axles on tandem springs.

The Beeteaper trailer is made with a 4mm floor with hollow section runners at 12' centres to eliminate wear when loading beet or heavy materials. The trailer sides are from 4mm material with strengthening channels. All Beeteapers are fitted with 10 stud commercial axles as standard.

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