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Bandit Model 2890XP/2900XP Self-Propelled / Track Stump Grinders Video

Introducing the new Model 2890XP: a powerful, self-propelled, hydrostatic-driven stump grinder. The 2890XP has the power to take on the biggest jobs and the versatility to maneuver in tight areas. The 2890XP comes standard with a radio remote, allowing the user to control the drive functions, grinding functions, cutter wheel engagement, and throttle from a remote location.

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The 2900XP is an extremely versatile stump grinder. It is best suited for traveling over rough, soft soil conditions, yet has the capability to fit through a 36-inch backyard gate. The 'turf-friendly' rubber track undercarriage expands out to 53 inches for stability, and retracts to 35 inches allowing it to fit thorugh a 36-inch gate. This unit has excellent flotation, allowing the 2900XP to travel through yards with minimal damage. A Kubota 84.5 horsepower Tier 3 engine can now be equipped on the 2900XP, giving it more power and torque.

On both units, the hydrostatic drive system reduces the number of belts required to maintain. Maintenance costs are drastically reduced with the 2890XP. The cutter wheel engagement is simple and quick, with the push of a button on the radio remote control.

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