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BioBlasting the Raised Bed Garden with Great Results!!! - Video

Introducing BioBlast. Rob from Introduces BioBlast an all natural organic Bio Activator with Rooting Agents Growth Activators and Vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3. It makes your plants healthy colorful and increases the taste value. You can apply through the AquaJet, Spray it on as a foliare or both.
The future of plant growth is here. Bioblast is innovation for your plants and is the ultimate plant food and growth activator for all your growing needs.

Why Bioblast?
Bioblast works with every part of your plant. Soil organisms are invigorated with Vitzyme biostimulants providing quicker, more vigorous growth. Rooting is encouraged with our Root Activator. A balanced NPK provides the essentials of plant growth and structure. B-Vitamins and Zinc encourage a robust immune system, while Iron promotes chlorophyll production in the leaves.


For horticultural and home use, mix 1 tbsp Bioblast per gallon of water and feed once per week or as needed by soil or other growing conditions.

For agricultural field application, apply 2 gallons of Bioblast per acre in the spring, and apply 1 gallon of Bioblast per acre in the fall. This will allow the reduction of the standard fertilizer inputs by 25%.

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