Brute Stealth Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Video


The new Brute Stealth is a new addition to the cattle handling industry. According to Dr. Schumacher of Nebraska Vet Services,' the new designed Brute Stealth Hydraulic chute reduces abrupt stoppage of the animal and allows for better forward movement when exiting the chute.' The angular design allows for the animal to be caught in a forward motion while more naturally conforming to the animal's body. With the new head gate design paired with the tapered side squeeze, Brute Stealth provides the industry's first hydraulic squeeze chute that conforms to the entire animal - not just parts of the animal. It just makes sense! You don't put a square peg in a round hole. Increase animal safety and quality with the Brute Stealth. The more surface area of the chute that we are putting on the front quarters of the animal, the more dissipation of force that occurs. The new head gate design helps promote less bruising and fewer front abscesses. Neck access area behind head gate for vaccinations. The new door design helps keep the animal's head still while implanting, ear tagging, and vaccinating all without the use of a hydraulic sweep arm. One less step makes for faster processing.

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