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BSP 8-12 - Video

New for the 2014/15 winter season DeSite is offering our new 'Snowplow/Snow Pusher' design for skid steers bucket tractors, backhoes and small to medium wheel loaders.
Staying with DeSite tradition, our BSP snow plow design is simple but efficient, no auxiliary hydraulics are needed to operate the rotating wings on our plow.
Our versatile plow folds up to 8ft for road transport or for plowing in tight areas then folds out to 12ft when plowing roads and parking lots.

Designed with a front skin, internal gussets and then a back skin creates a box frame making the plow dozer blade strong because it is designed just like a dozer blade.
The BSP 8-12 weighs in at 1500lbs nd sells for 2895usd in the USA, or 3250cdn in Canada.
Call today to place your order for the BSP 8-12 will supplies last.
'Get Ready To Plow Winter Out Of Your Way'

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