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Bulk grain agricultural trailer: Stronga BulkLoada Oilseed Rape Harvest-Video

In the video, see the optimum-sized Stronga BulkLoada 660 agricultural trailer efficiently transporting rapeseed, in the field and on the road, during the harvest season.

The Stronga bulk agricultural trailer can be seen operating alongside a John Deere combine and tractor. Stronga BL660 bulk trailers are highly efficient, supremely effective and ultimate performers across a wide range of harvests, including; grain harvest, sugar beet harvest, grass silage harvest and much more.

In the video, see the features and benefits of the Stronga bulk trailer during rapeseed harvest. These key benefits are summarised below. Imagine how the Stronga bulk trailer range could benefit you and your business:
• The 30m³ bulk trailer capacity reduces rapeseed cycle frequencies so the efficiency of the harvest is greatly improved. Fewer journeys = reduced fuel usage and less labor.
• Optimal comfort at high speeds results from the upgraded 32t bulk trailer suspension capacity. This is a 30% greater suspension capacity.
• High speed bulk agricultural trailer performance further improves transport efficiency on and off the road. This farmer completed the seed harvest in fewer days with improved trailer productivity.
• Guaranteed comfort from the axle and suspension configuration is unrivaled in the bulk trailer market. A smooth and comfortable driving experienced can be enjoyed with BL660, even when driving over undulating, rough or varied terrains.
• Heavy Nokian Country King radial tyres are highly capable in the variable field conditions. These tyres offer hassle-free performance when filled to capacity with rapeseed.
• The reliable and capable bulk trailer rear door smoothly swings open to protect the rapeseed as it is unloaded or tipped. Stronga BulkLoada cares for your valuable oilseed rape crop so you can be confident that the output is of the highest quality.

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