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Burchland AGT Auto Grading Skid Steer Soil Trimmer Video

The Burchland AGT, Auto Grading Trimmer, is a skid steer mounted trimmer designed for site work and concrete contractors looking for a perfectly graded job site. Attach the Burchland Auto Grading skid steer trimmer to your skid steer toand save time and money. The AGT trims, grades, and rolls all in one pass. It is ideal for trimming sub-grade soil under building pads, parking lots, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, trails, and roads. With the use of a total station and GPS, string lines are no longer needed to accurately prepare your site to final grade and save you money. View more features of this equipment here: http://www.burchlandmfg.com/products/auto-grading-trimmer--auto-grading--soil-finishing--burchland-manufacturing-inc/

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