Chiara Bisconti - Councillor delegated at the Green - Milan - Video


The Councillor delegated at the Green Chiara Bisconti wanted to emphasize the commitment of Irritec in the project 'School Gardens' organized by them and in collaboration with the association 'Quei del Tredesin' with the contribute, as well as the City of Milan, also of the Council of Zona5 and Cariplo Foundation.
The initiative also sees the involvement of some 'grandfathers' of the students, them together with the teachers, will take care of the gardens and at the same time, will transmit their experience and passion for this kind of activity, cultivating the soil, producing food, respect nature.
The Irritec, thanks to the concreteness and efficacy of the Councillor at the Green of Milan City, has been involved in the initiative thanks to its experience in the irrigation sector and the popular quality of its products.

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