Chief TCR - Re-phasing Tie-rod Cylinders - Video

Chief TCR - Tie-rod Re-phasing Cylinders

Chief TCR re-phasing cylinders use a single power source and controlling mechanism to lift separate loads in synchronization without the use of flow dividers, thus resulting in reduced costs and time savings for customers. Re-phasing cylinders can be used in many OEM applications, including agricultural activities such as seeding, tilling, fertilization, and harvesting where synchronization is required to lift separate loads.

Here's how re-phasing process works:

Using a group of hydraulic cylinders connected in series, the hydraulic fluid is fed into the extend port of the master cylinder from the fluid power source. As the master cylinder's rod extends, fluid is pushed out from the cylinder's retract port into the extend port of the next slave cylinder in the series, creating motion in that cylinder.

To achieve synchronization between the cylinders' extension and retraction, it is critical that the volume of fluid that can be pushed from the master cylinder matches the volume that is received into a slave cylinder. The volume differences between the cylinders do not match perfectly so there is always a slight variance between the different size cylinders. That is why a bypass port is added to the cylinder, allowing it to fully stroke before starting retraction or extension.

In order to determine the appropriate cylinders for a re-phasing application, the following information is needed: number of loads to be moved, approximate weight of each load, stroke and retract length, as well as other factors including flow, application, and operating conditions. This information is used to determine the system's pressure limitations and therefore the correct cylinder sizes needed to operate the equipment. Bailey International invites you to consult one of its hydraulic cylinder specialists at 1-800-800-1820 (option 2) for assistance when selecting or utilizing re-phasing cylinders.

Bailey offers the TCR in a variety of standard sizes, as well as custom sizes if needed. To learn more, visit or email

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