DACS - Ventilation for Poultry and Pig Houses Video

The DACS patented ventilation systems for livestock production offer unique yet simple features that combine maximum animal well-being with profitable production. The Corona air inlet is the only ventilation unit on the market that utilizes the warm air in the roof space and mixes it with incoming air. The temperate air leaving the Corona air inlet is spread evenly in the house. The fan in the Corona air inlet actively blows this air into the house. This “forced air distribution” ensures that the air from the Corona air inlet reaches every corner of the house.

The constant flow of temperate air creates a perfect climate for your animals that allow them to utilize their full genetic potential. In houses where there is a need for additional heat input, the system saves up to 50 % on the heat bill! In conjunction with the HE740 exhaust unit the system keep an optimum air exchange in the house that removes gaseous waste products from the animals.

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