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Dewlink Sludge Treatment Ltd

Dewatering Rendering Plant DAF Sludge Video

Dewatering Rendering Plant DAF Sludge with the Dewlink Swingmill DSM-123.
The Swingmill screwpress is the most cost effective and efficient dewatering system on the market.

Please contact us for a pilot test and see how the Swingmill can reduce your sludge volume and disposal cost.

Two belt presses dewater 100m³ of DAF every week. They are old and requires frequent maintenance. The Swingmill is a cheaper alternative for the rendering plant, reducing running and maintenance costs with drier sludge cake.
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Sludge Treatment Pioneer
Dewatering for a Cleaner World
Inventor of the Swingmill and Tubox Technology

Dewlink specializes in the research, development and the sale of sludge dewatering and polymer make-up systems. Our products have many technical advantages over the traditional dewatering screw press. The modular systems are the most effective, efficient and economical dewatering equipment on the market, reducing the overall costs of sludge treatment.

Swingmill Dewatering Screwpress
The latest innovation on the many variation of screw press dewatering system, with an increase in durability. The Swingmill is a much improvement on the many variation of screw based dewatering devices, available on the market. It is based on the consecutive fixed rings and moving rings mechanism. The main difference with our system is that it is powered by external drive rods, creating both a rectilinear motion and a pendulum movement. We can confidently say that this system will be more effective at reducing moisture content of the sludge cake. The Swingmill is enclosed in a secure casing, making it odour free and it can also run at an extremely low noise level. The durability of the internal components is very high because there is no discharge of steel shavings from the internal rings, as there is no contact between the moving rings and the main screw shaft.

Tubox Flocculation Device
Fast and effective flocculation device, improving the quality of floc for better dewatering result. The unique design of The Tubox will efficiently and effectively mix the sludge and flocculant solution together, to form a unified floc, for the dewatering press to process. The main feature of the device is the high-speed mixing blade which creates a collision effect, allowing the forming of a larger unified and stable floc. The Tubox also has several advantages, it reduces polymer usage, improve sludge handling capacity and the agitator is very energy efficient. The compact modular design makes the Tubox easy to install with a small footprint and the secure enclosure eliminates odour release from the sludge.

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