Ecolawn Applicator Eco 100 Right Side Spreader - Video

Note: Only for use with the ECO 100 / Part Number 1995

At Ecolawn, we strive to make your job easier and more efficient with targeted equipment that responds to your needs. Are narrow-rowed crops—such as grape vines or blueberry bushes—difficult to access for compost applications? You bet! Until now...

Ecolawn has developed our innovative Deflector shield. With the Deflector attached to the Ecolawn Eco 100, compost sprays only to the right side, rather than in the 180-degree, forward-directed arc used for top dressing.

Now you can easily spread compost directly under a row of grape vines or along a crop row of fruit shrubs, such as blueberries or raspberries. And just as easily, you can apply compost along a dense hedgerow or in a circle around the base of a tree. When you need to apply compost along a steep embankment, perhaps to help with water retention, the deflector spreads the compost precisely where you want to apply it.

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