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Empas MCP Hot Water Unit Video


The MCP has a significantly higher capacity than the MCB. This unit is specially designed for weed control by garden contractors. The powerful MCP is ideal for use in public areas. By combining the MCP with an articulating tool carrier, the machine can be used for a large
number of applications. The MCP can also be used for treatments around poles and bollards. The combination of the work beam and the hand-held lance make the hot water unit the perfect partner for weed control and cleaning tasks. Small in size, big in performance.

Empas delivers the MCP as a mountable unit. The unit can be mounted on various tool carriers. The hydraulic PTO from the tool carrier provides the drive for the mounted unit. The mounted unit can be easily tilted (if feature is present), to allow easy access to the tool carrier. The MCP is multifunctional. The removable unit ensures the tool carrier can also be used for other tasks, such as ice prevention and blowing leaves. This quick changeover capability ensures your tool carrier remains its most cost-effective.


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