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Kutlusan Poultry Equipment Co. Inc

Enrichable – Enriched Cage System Video

Consists of the cages that has 120 cm of feed trough, 64 cm of depth and 68 cm between two feed gutter height. Total floor area is 30720 cm2 and 72 hens to be placed inside in Enrichable system or 40 hens in Enriched system.

Each section consist of 4 cages and seperation wire walls are used between cages. The conversion to the enriched cage is made by removing the seperation wire walls and by adding nesting boxes and perch to the system.

The main frame construction support with strong U profile legs, which are placed each 60 cm and the battery has the sections 2,4 m. The cage construction gives the possibility because of it’s modular form to build up from 3 tiers to 12 tiers and until 250 m length.

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