ERME: 1-Row Garlic Harvester- Video

Operation :
Lifting is done by a blade which passes under the garlic bulbs and by two belts which pull up the garlic by the leaves.
The garlic is carried by the belts, passing through a vibrator, to an automatic bundle binding system. The bundles of garlic are then removed by a conveyor belt. The machine is operated by one person. Lateral movement is ensured hydraulically.
The machine has setting systems allowing it to be adapted to various types of planting.
Sideways movement of the machine to align it on the row to be harvested, share depth, height of the lifting belts, binding height, string tension, bundle size adjustment.

Characteristics :
- 1-row machine
- carried machine
- distance between rows: 40 cm minimum
- nominal speed: 4 km/h
- tractor power: 50 hp approx.
- sideways movement between rows: 130 cm

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