ERME: Mechanical Garlic Planter PLMS3 Video


The machine is carried and can have from a 3 to 15 elements beam and 2 drive wheels. Each element is attached to the beam by a paralellogram system. It is made of: a chassis, a share, a plate with 16 bulblets holders, a hopper, two depth setting wheels and an agitator. The plates are synchronised with the drive wheels, and each spoon closes as it passes through the hopper and opens as it passes over the furrow. An agitator facilitates the flow of garlic bulblets in the hopper.

Characteristics :
- Number of rows: 3 to 15
- One hopper per row: capacity 40 kg
- Minimum distance between rows: 35 cm
- Maximum distance between rows: depends on beam length
- Number of bulblets per meter: 7 to 16
- Nominal speed: 2.5 km/h

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