Eutalloy RW Process - Two Step Spray & Fuse Video

Eutalloy® RW is a 2-step hot flame spraying process.
The first step is to «cold» spray a thin, regular layer of «RW» self-fluxing quality powder onto a precleaned, preheated steel substrate using a oxy-acetylene powder spray system such as the CastoDyn DS® 8000.

The second step is then to heat the 'RW' powder deposit 'red hot' using a flame torch, such as the Casto-Fuse torch, until a reflective fused surface finish is visible locally. An induction system or an oven can also be used. Strong metallurgical diffusion bonding of the resultant wear resistant coating is thus achieved without melting or dilution with the substrate. The coating thickness may then be further increased by continuing to
spray & fuse the powder simultaneously followed by controlled slow cooling to ambient temperatures.

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