Falling Number | Alpha Amylase Enzymes Meter 5100 Video

Falling Number as in ICC Standards 107 Falling Number or Alpha Amylase Enzymes Meter 5100,

Falling Number Determination of the according to Hagberg - as a Measure of the Degree of Alpha-Amylase Activity in Grain and Flour.

The Falling Number is Bastak branded and its model is 5100.

The Falling Number automatically measures enzyme activity in flour and wheat flour (Sprout damage detection)

FN measuring mode is used for determining natural alpha-amylase enzymes. FFN measuring mode is used for determining total (micro-biological + natural) alpha-amylase enzymes.

The device automatically adjusts the boiling temperature according to the altitude. At the stage of installation company information: company name, company address, company phone, fax numbers and web are saved in the device. The names of the samples to be tested can be entered.

On every printer output, the company information is included together with the results. When the same sample is tested, the average value can be calculated. The device also determines the malt amount to be added into the flours.

It automatically calculates the mixing rates in flour and wheat samples. When the moisture values of the samples are entered into the device, it gives the sample amounts to be weighed for testing as (g) grams .

If the sample amounts are not corrected, it can correct the measuring values obtained as a result of the test according to the moisture.

It can calculate the liquefaction coefficients of the samples. The device shows both the normal measuring values and corrected values according to the altitude on the printer output.

The Falling Number has blue graphical LCD screen.

The Falling Number has 28 function buttons.

On the screen of the device, date, hour, ambient temperature, sample names and operation status of the device (running, printing, stop… etc.) can be displayed.

The outside dimensions of the device are 550x470x190 mm and its net weight is 27 kg.

As ICC: International Association for Cereal Science And Technology:

Determination of the 'Falling Number' according to Hagberg - as a Measure of the Degree of Alpha-Amylase Activity in Grain and Flour

Methods Type: Generic Methods

Number: 107/1 Analyte: Alpha-Amylase Activity (Falling Number) Matrix: Grain and Flour Year of Approval: 1968 Year of Last Revision: 1995 Scope:

The method is applicable to meal and flour of wheat, rye, barley, as well as to other grains and to starch containing and malted products. In this standard the word 'flour' also means meals and ground grains (wholemeal).

By converting the Falling Number into the Liquefaction Number it is possible to calculate the composition of flour mixtures of desired Falling Number.


The Falling Number is defined as the time in seconds required to stir and to allow a viscometer stirrer to fall a measured distance through a hot aqueous meal, flour or starch gel undergoing liquefaction due to alpha-amylase activity.

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