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Farm Demo - Patz Portable Chopper in Dairy Barn Video

You are looking at the most durable and versatile bale and bedding chopper in the industry. The Patz 9427 Chopper can chop straw, hay, newspaper, and many other materials.

The rotor assembly has 20 rotor blades (80 cutting edges) in a spiral mounting to provide fast, efficient cutting. The rotor speed of 2,850 RPMs cuts at a high-volume rate. There is a double-belt drive to the rotor.

The Quadra-Shark® blade sets a higher standard in chopper performance. This patented, unique, one-piece, four-point, double-edge rotor blade is designed for chopping and long life. You will enjoy trouble-free performance from this rotor blade, whether chopping newspaper, hay, straw, or other material.

An adjustable grate is standard equipment for the portable chopper. The grate and rotor are designed for short chopping of straw, hay, bark, plastics, and many more materials.

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