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Fertilizer spreaders XPL Professional- Video

The medium-sized fertilizer spreaders are designed to respond to all the requirements of the professional operator for normal, edge and late spreading. Both robust and easily handled, they are suitable for both small and large quantities of fertilizer and give top-precision and trouble-free performance. The charts supplied with the machine enable the operator to regulate the working width and the fertilizer load for spreading widths of up to 24 m.

The XPL fertilizer spreaders allow for both uniform and late spreading (which is imperative when it is necessary to fertilize areas where crops grow to considerable heights).
In order to protect the environment and not waste fertilizer, the machine is fitted with a special mobile limiter device for edge spreading (i.e. boundary distribution). Maintenance is trifling since all the components that come into contaci with the fertilizer are made of stainless steel.

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