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Foresight - Precision Header Control for Corn Heads Video

The Problem...

At low operating heights where you need the best header control, you have the worst. Height control sensors lose 50-75% of their
ability to control height while the snout tip is touching the ground.

Foresight brings it back!

The Foresight Advantage

• Improves header control near the ground
• Increases harvestable yield in down corn
• Adds protection for chopping heads
• Allows faster harvest speeds

Foresight is standard with all Horizon® control systems.
Foresight is a performance upgrade option available on any Headsight header control system using the Insight control box.
Each Insight box includes a 5-hour FREE trial of Foresight.

For more information or to purchase, contact Headsight at 574-546-5022.

“We can run closer to the ground faster… we increased speed 30-40% in down corn by adding Foresight™ and we were very
comfortable in doing that.”
Brad Dorcey
Moro, IL

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