Gilbert GM-6 Brushcutter-mower mounted onto a folding boom arm Video

Gilbert GM Series grader-mowers are brush cutter heads that attach to the side of a carrier for roadside maintenance. This patented concept cuts vegetation as opposed to mulching it. This operation is much more productive with speeds reaching four times that of other application at a 10 time lower operating cost. The GM-6 model, with their long reach and their superior manoeuvrability, shines in roads with ditches and slopes of all kinds.

• Perfectly suited for any roads with side ditches and slopes
• Mounted on a folding boom arm offering a total reach of 4.9 m (16 ft); easy to operate
• Up to four times faster than other applications with an average operating speed of three to six km/h
• Cut easily stems up to 20 cm (8 in) diameter
• Impeccable finish
• Fold tight to the carrier when not in use; no interference with the grader blade for fast changeover between road grading and brush cutting work
• Can be installed on most graders using the standard hydraulic and mounting points
• Can be installed on any type of carrier with the minimum hydraulic capacity needed

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