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GK autolivellante
AUTOLIVELLAMENTO SLS: SLS è il nuovo sistema di livellamento automatico laterale sugli assi anteriore e posteriore, interamente progettato e sviluppato dalla Grim S.r.l., per un perfetto adattamento alla pendenze. Compatta e maneggevole sulle 4 ruote sterzanti.

SLS SELF-LEVELING SYSTEM: SLS is the new automatic, lateral self-leveling system on the machine front and rear axles. Entirely designed and developed by Grim S.r.l. for perfect adaptation to slopes.
- With SLS - automatic lateral self-leveling system - on the front and rear axles, hydrostatic transmission with differential axles and 4-wheel drive. It can be equipped with an auxiliary, interchangeable frame onto which different equipments, such as spray system with 1500 litre or 2000 litre tank, fertilizer spreader, seed broadcaster, salt spreader etc., can be mounted. Its 4-wheel steering and its self-leveling system make it particularly suitable for hilly soils. Spray boom lengths: 14, 15 and 18 m. Ground clearance: 55 cm

SLS представляет собой новую систему автоматического бокового выравнивания на передней и задней осях, полностью разработана и создана Grim s.r.l., для лучшей адаптации к работе на склонах.

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