Greenwheel On A Vermeer SC252-Video

We put a Greenwheel™ on a Vermeer 252 this week for a customer. It's a 1997 Vermeer SC252 with a 20 HP V-Twin. The machine had 2232 hours on it. It was a beautiful January day in Michigan as you can see. The temperature was a perfect 36. The Greenwheel™ worked awesome. Enjoy.

As Introduced at TCIA Baltimore 2012. The new Greenwheel™ will be released Spring of 2013. The 100% CNC machined Greenwheel™ will give you a remarkably smooth, consistent cut. There is virtually no hopping of your machine or bolt breakage. This video demonstrates a plunge cut using the Greenwheel™ and points out many benefits. For more information on the Greenwheel™ and all the products at Green Manufacturing, Inc. check out our website at

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