Gro-Tank & Multi-Duct - Hydroponic Systems Video


Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts are media-less low-lying grow systems for up to 120 plants. They've been our Best-Selling constant feed system since 1976 because the growth is so impressive!

How Gro-Tank and Multi-Duct hydroponic systems work

Plants sit on the NFT System’s sloping tray and nutrient solution is constantly pumped from the reservoir over the bare roots on the tray above. Whatever the roots don’t takeup flows down the slope and back into the reservoir.

The roots have unrestricted access to nutrient solution and oxygen – maximising nutrient solution uptake and growth.

NFT Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts have often been described as a pure hydro growing technique, this is because there is no media present within them. Just start in your preferred method – rockwool, coir pellets, soil, and transplant straight onto the Gro-Tank or Multi-Duct trays. No more hauling media around!

The advantage of Gro-Tank or Multi-Duct NFT systems are that the bare roots have constant access to oxygen and a freely flowing supply of nutrient solution, making them grow quicker and stronger.

The nutrient solution flow is shallow at only 1-3mm, and quite slow, it runs just fast enough so that the nutrient solution is in constant motion, this gives the roots time to absorb what they need, when they need it.

NFT Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts are designed low to the ground so that growing space is filled with plants and not the hydroponic grow system.

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