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Hi-Spec Vertical Diet Feeder - Vertical Auger Mixer - Tub Feed Mixer-Video

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Using a central low pitch mixing and chopping auger the Hi-Spec range of vertical diet feeders produce a market leading quality mix in a machine that is simple to maintain with an exceptional reliability record.

Unique to the Hi-Spec range of vertical diet feeders is the fitting of a discharge roller system as standard; this provides as very consistent feed discharge rate without the need for the feed to be finely chopped.The V-series chops feed to lengths in the range of 5-10cm; this range has being proven to offer the most nutritional value and highest yield. Other vertical auger feeders in the market cannot offer this feedout consistency without chopping the feed into very short lengths; which can have negative effects on yield. With a Hi-Spec you'll have a healthier happier herd.

The vertical diet feeder works by using a central auger to carry out both the mixing and chopping functions.The auger does this in a very simple cycle action, drawing the feed up and then allowing it to fall to the outside of the diet feeder and be drawn back down for the cycle to begin again.The auger is fitted with self sharpening chopping knives and during this auger mixing cycle the feed is being constantly chopped.The end result is a feed which is thoroughly mixed and has a length of 5 -- 10cm depending on the operator's desired result.

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