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Hook lift agricultural trailer: Stronga HookLoada Sand Transport-Video

The Stronga hook lift trailer transport solution (HL180T) can be seen here transporting sand for construction. Stronga are specialist manufacturers of hook lift trailers so can guarantee customers reliable, long life and high performance trailers.

Hook loader trailers offer unlimited versatility in the construction sector. Click the link below to see more hooklift construction applications:

Benefits of hooklift and hooklift container solutions for sand transport include:
• Easy rolling, low resistance Nokian Country King radial tyres offer high load capacity across the soggy and sandy terrain. The container in the video is shown loaded with 18 tonne payload of sand.
• High capacity axle and sprung suspension deliver excellent operator comfort under the heavy loads and across various surfaces.
• Hook lift container mounting and demounting allows the customer to shuttle loaded containers with multi-container systems. It easier and faster to load the container because the container sides are lower to the ground.
• On and off road compatibility generate universal hook lift transport applications.
• High speed trailer performance, coupled with modern fast tractors delivers increased productivity at lower cost.
• Tractor drivers benefit from good trailer visibility. Customers maintain maximal trailer control.

The HL180T hook lift trailer model offers optimal heavy material transport efficiency. The opportunities for your transport efficiency improvements are unlimited.
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