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Horse Arena Irrigation with a Kifco Water Reel - Video

Water Your Horse Arenas:
Water-Reels® are used to evenly water horse riding arenas for dust control. A single machine can water both your indoor and outdoor arenas. It is vital to maintain adequate traction, a springy footing and low-dust environment to ensure the safety of both the horse and rider. In ground irrigation systems and chemical dust control treatments are expensive and potentially dangerous. Kifco® Water-Reels® provide a simple, safe and cost-effective horse arena watering system. Our machines are a one-time investment that can save you both money and hours of labor.

Kifco® is the leading manufacturer of traveling/portable irrigation systems. Kifco Water-Reels irrigate from .4 to 3.2 acres per run and are proudly made in the USA. Water-Reels® are used around the world to not only water horse arenas but also to irrigate many different turf areas such as the following:

Irrigating Sports Fields:
Water-Reels® are a simple solution to irrigate your sport fields. Whether you are watering one football field or irrigating multiple playing and practice fields for football (futbol), baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or golf courses, Kifco® has the perfect traveler for the job. Water-Reels® operate unattended and shut down automatically at the end of the run. There portability allows you to irrigate multiple fields with a single machine. Kifco® has many models to choose from, many of them capable of irrigating an entire football field in a single, unattended pass. Kifco® also offers solutions for maintaining, cooling and rinsing synthetic turf fields.

Landscape Irrigation/Water Your Gardens and Nurseries:
Perfect for turf irrigation on large vegetable gardens, watering your flower garden, irrigating organic produce and fruit.

Irrigate City Parks:
Water-Reels® are perfect for areas where turf irrigation is not required year-round. They are an excellent way to irrigate hard to reach places. Maximize fertilizer absorption by controlling moisture levels and improve the overall appearance of grass, plants and landscape with a Kifco® Water-Reel®.

Kifco also offers a line of Ag-Rain® Water-Reels® for larger areas such as corn and cash crops, large agriculture irrigation including hay, alfalfa, potatoes, carrots, and other row crops. They are the perfect solution for irrigating fields with irregular shape and where center pivots are not feasible.

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