Kut Kwick: The Firemaster Video

This fire fighting version of the BrushMaster machine is used to create fire protection in the area of Wildland-Urband Interface. The machine reduces all brush to clippings that lay flat on the ground. Small trees under 4' in diameter are cut down where their granches and chipped. Wind permitting, the flames of any forest fire that comes into contact with these mitigated areas will drop to the ground, burn with a low slow moving flame, smoulder, or go out. Fire fightiers can extinguish anything that remains with a tamp. Trees larger than 4' are left standing because the higher canopy typically will not catch fire once the brush beneath it has been eliminated.

The mechanical removal of 100' to 400' of understory is the most attractive and cost effective method for dealing with fire containment in the areas of Wildland-Urban Interface.


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