Micothon Amazone Greenhouse Spaying Robot 2013 Video

Discover the patented air-supported Micothon Spraying Technique brought to you by Metazet! Movie of the NEW and optimized Micothon Amazone at Kesgro the Netherlands.

- Smart use of the Metazet Tube-rail M-Lift
- 79% better spraying results
- Dramatic Reduction of PPP's
- Optimal Crop Protection
- ROI within one year

Specially for commercial greenhouse growers we developed a customized spraying machine that can be placed upon your M-Lift tube rail trolley.

Micothon is the inventor of air-assisted spraying in greenhouses, a technique that results in better penetration and coverage and therefore in better protection.
The low start-up investment will help you to implement a sustainable Integrated Pest Management Program at the lowest costs while ensuring dramatic reduction of PPP's.

Check also www.micothon.com

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