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Micothon EX Greenhouse Spraying Robot 2013 - Kenya Video

Preview of the new Micothon EX in Naivasha Kenya. Especially developed for plastic greenhouses. Spraying in plastic greenhouses, even nowadays, still continues to be done mainly by hand and is therefore largely reliant on the person who operates the sprayer. This means that pests and diseases are increasingly gaining the upper hand.

The Micothon EX ensures an improved systematic spray result. This simplified design uses the Micothon air-assisted spraying technology for a relatively low cost. What's more, the machine is automatically propelled, which results in uniform coverage of the foliage and improved working conditions. Because of the reduction in plant protecting products use, you will recoup the cost of your investment in less than 1.5 years!


- Relatively low investment costs
- Uniform foliage coverage because of the constant speed of the unit
- Better working conditions because the unit moves automatically
- Reduces your annual ppp use by as much as 50%

More info on www.micothon.nl

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