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MOMAX3 MORINGA ELITE SEEDS:The World’s Highest Yielding Perennial Moringa Seed Variety

MOMAX 3 is the first elite cultivar developed through the ABC's MOMAX Moringa Optimization Platform known as Moringa India. The platform provides growers and plantation developers with access to the highest yielding and most profitable Moringa in the world, specifically optimized for their unique growing conditions.
The Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) is a bioenergy crop research and development company that is meeting global demand for sustainable plant oil, specializing in the development of Moringa as a low-cost, sustainable source of oil, recently announced the launch of MOMAX 3, a proprietary cultivar of Moringa optimized for Moringa growing conditions with yields 300 percent greater than existing varieties.
ABC is a crop science Research & development entity, but by instinct it is a commercial multiproduct and services company seeking to valorize a range of products, services and business opportunities that are being developed around Moringa. In common with its peers the company initiated its operations in the second half of the first decade of this century. Its research focus was India, the region of origin for Moringa, where it developed an extensive germplasm library. The result of 7 years of applied investment and research is reflected in MOMAX3 Perennial Moringa cultivar, a suite of enabling technologies and an ambition to transform Moringa into a versatile crop for diverse agricultural and climatic environments.
ABC reports an achieved rate of germination of between 90%‐95% when direct seeding its MOMAX3 Improved seeds.
ABC reports that its MOMAX3 Improved are able to realize something close to full assumed productivity between years 1 and 3 from germination. Current ABC Improved seeds have a reported average oil content of 40%
The ABC’s commercial seed production programme is claimed to provide the necessary scaling and deployment capabilities to meet customers’ needs.
ABC also provides a customized offering of solutions and services to help customers design, plan, and manage commercial energy crop projects. The ABC has developed region and site specific local agronomic protocols including irrigation, crop nutritional requirements, and management of disease, insects and weeds to help ensure the success of each plantation. ABC provides the full array of these services from à la carte consulting engagements to provision of fully‐integrated plantation project solutions.
ABC’s MOMAX3 Improved seeds have been developed to maximize an array of superior traits, including the ability to grow on under‐utilized lands. The material can be cultivated on land that otherwise may simply lie barren, while eliminating the direct competition for land that may otherwise be utilized for food production. Moringa plantations have already been shown to have a positive effect on greenhouse gas emissions as well as overall land value
ABC understands that its MOMAX3 Improved seeds must deliver sufficient volumes of high quality oils, protein and biomass as to ensure value creation along the entire supply chain.
The MOMAX3 Moringa cultivar is capable of producing commercial quantities of high quality and quantity seeds oil and it exhibits a capacity for desirable characteristics including:
Faster growth For higher yields at early age just after 4-6 months
Superior branching More flower bearing branches
Stronger tissue / fibre for stronger branches & trunks
Open shorter bushy morphology
More sunlight to flowering branches, greater yield per plant, and easier harvesting
Tighter flowering pattern and thus more uniform fruit maturation & ripening , commercial plantations require more concentrated harvesting periods for efficiency and cost control
Increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors.
The yields and profitability of MOMAX3 far exceed what is currently available through existing varieties of Moringa. The MOMAX3 in Moringa Plantation for seed oil Production has enables exponential increases in productivity and profitability, and establish Moringa as a large-scale sustainable crop.
MOMAX3 increases the profitability of Moringa to greater than 300 percent above existing commercial varieties. This equates to more than 950 gallons per ha , enabling the large-scale growth of the oil industry and development opportunities for community farmers, plantation developers and renewable energy investors.
Vincent, MOMAX 3 is the tip of the iceberg in the development of Moringa as a seed oil crop. While perennial moringa now has a significant head-start, we anticipate continued advancements through the MOMAX platform that will further enhance the productivity and profitability of Moringa for growers around the world.

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