Naarva S23 stroke harvester & firewood processor Video


Naarva S23 harvester and firewood processor. Naarva S23 sykeharvesteri. Naarva S23 stegmatare. Naarva S23 schubharvester.



Garage S.M. Audet Inc.
Ste-Claire, Bellechasse
403, route Bégin
(Québec) Canada GOR 2VO
Tél: (418) 883-3926
Fax: (418) 883-4701


Lightweight, simple and reasonably priced harvesting head for tractors and small excavators. Naarva S23 is simple and easy to operate. The required oil flow is only 40 l / min, and installation is easy because additional hydraulics or electricity are not required. All functions are controlled with just grapple open/close- valve. Tilt function is mechanical. The head can be locked in a vertical position with the delimbing stroke. When a tree is cut the head can be tilted by using the delimbing stroke movement, weight of the tree trunk tilts the head. Delimbing back and forward is done with the grapple open/close- valve. Sequence valves operate grippers and delimbing blades automatically. When the delimbing stroke is in the maximum position and pressure reaches a limit, the cutting blade starts cutting.

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