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Nut Harvesting Equipment | Bag-A-Nut Video

Nut Harvesting Equipment is Bag-A-Nut's specialty. . Economical and efficient Bag-A-Nut is an easy to operate highly maneuverable machine that collects nuts in volume and provides a way for you stream line the process of harvesting. Developed by engineer manufacturers, with over thirty years of experiencing in providing solutions for industry. Bag-A-Nut is constructed of light weight high strength, rust proof plastic. The key to this amazing nut harvesting performance is Bag-A-Nut's patented design and the ingenious collector drum which gently plucks nuts from the ground and holds them as it rolls, until the finger bar slides under them and deposits them into the hoper. The unigue design allows the Bag-A-Nut to harvest a large variety of nuts on different types of terrain common to orchards. Large quantity of nuts can be harvested in a well groomed orchards with grass up to 4 inches high, sandy surfaces with leaf cover, moderate terrain with slight depressions and other challenging conditions. Bag-A-Nut's designs allows you to mow your orchard and collect nuts at the same time. Save your back and time and get a Bag-A-Nut!!

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