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Pratt Industries Inc - Highest Resale Value in the Intermodal Industry Video

0 Welcome to Pratt industries, a leading manufacturer and marketer in advanced intermodal equipment. From humble beginnings more than 30 years ago to being a leading manufacturer with widest and most diverse range of products for the intermodal industry, we definitely have come along way.

Pratt enterprise named after Robert Pratt and William Pratt started operations in 1974 as a sales and engineering company.

Since inception, Pratt has custom designed and engineered many components for intermodal industry including container bolsters and twist locks for major intermodal and automotive companies.

Pratt designed and manufactured their first intermodal product, the 'flat rack' in 1974. Flat Rack was custom engineered and manufactured for moving bulk steel coils as no trailer was strong or capable enough to handle these coils. Encouraged by the tremendous success of this product, Pratt started designing full fledged products, including chassis, trailers, drop frames, and specialty products for specific purposes.

Over time the company split with William Pratt forming Pratt industries and continuing its legacy of top class designing and innovative engineering.

with more than 30 years of industry experience, Pratt industries is a name to recon with in the intermodal industry.

Pratt's products are used nationally across the United States, Internationally, and consistently expanding at an exponential rate as leaders in the Transportation and Trucking Industry.

Pratt designs and manufactures a wide range of products for diverse customers across chemical, oil, automotive, agricultural, military, railroad, and intermodal industries, and has earned the reputation for building state of the art products for its clients.

Our in-depth knowledge combined with years of experience has made us the industry leader today. We have achieved this position through innovative engineering implementing the latest manufacturing technologies, cutting edge information technologies and servicing a reliable customer base.

Pratt stands for highest quality equipment at affordable and competitive prices; no wonder products from Pratt Inc have the highest resale value in the intermodal industry. Our products always set a new benchmark in the industry and are often copied by our competitors, but are never duplicated. No other manufacturer has the experience and track record of such quality products like us.

Our Custom Products fall under the following categories:
*container chassis
*drop frames
*truss trailers
*Home Modular
*Specialty Products

With more than 50% of the market share, Pratt is a leader in truss trailer market by a distance. We have designed and built a wide range of quality truss trailers with various options and configurations. All of the major components of Truss Trailers are Galvanized (preventing weather/rust damage) for greater durability.

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